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Monday 2 August 2021

Week Ahead & Wackos on Crime

This week, we'll continue to look at wackos and their ideas & websites (see below), more of the political madness going about, praise American leftist commentator Bill Maher and look at more in depth economics / culture things.

But first for the new week, take a look at this (related to recent crime waves in the UK).

In  particular, please see below, for the stereotypical, pussy, do-gooder,

Guardianista comments from some tool called David Holmes:

When he states the typical shite about impoverishment, depravity, et al, ad nauseum, about why people turn to crime,  and even when this is turned back on him, stating the obvious that where this happened is NOT a "deprived" area, he STILL continues to state that this is the reason why these pieces of shit damaged this beautiful church.

I despair.  There is simply no reasoning with certain people.

Solution: For these pieces of shit who damaged this beautiful, renovated church; a public flogging, followed by a week in the stocks - where anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can hurl fruit, piss on, defecate on and beat the shit out of them.  After this, they'll crawl to the church and repair.  If they refuse, they'll be beaten with baseball bats and dropped off on some desolate Scottish island, to fend for themselves. 


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