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Sunday 1 August 2021

Inept Leftist Governments - Our very own Samia in the UK - Spoiler Alert - You will want to Vomit!

This is as sickening a report as I have EVER seen in my life, concerning our very own ISIS Bride, who is now safely home, in her own beloved country, and no doubt she is celebrating it with a good fry-up or Sunday roast.

To think that we have our own "conservative" government, who doesn't give a damn about our own veterans, who will NEVER receive a council house in London worth the £600,000 ($800,000!), and are still committing suicide in droves utterly sickens me!  

I literally could have thrown my laptop out the window when I read this earlier today, and not only is it a headline from The Onion, that happens to be true, but also that this will simply NEVER stop!  Never.  They are laughing at us.

Solution:  When this happens, there must be some form of law, however old, that states that a person has given up their citizenship, both legal and moral, and hence should be treated as a non-national.


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