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Wednesday 4 August 2021

It's been nice knowing you Sweden, they hate your guts Now!

Was it just me, but everyone's favourite "socialist" country is now, no longer everyone's favourite socialist country.  Is it also me, that we simply hear NOTHING about the situation in Sweden as well.  

Which I tend to think is correct; please go to this link, at the always right-on American Institute for Economic Research.

The opinion piece, based on something called "facts", dispels all the filthy lies that have been spewed about the COVID response in Sweden.  

It includes quotes, interviews and statistics.

So far, despite the lying scum who had predicted close to 200,000 deaths in Sweden from COVID, the grand total is only slightly over 14,000.  The magnitude is simply incredible, and Sweden's rank is not only mid-table for Europe, but their economy is booming by comparison. 


Round up EVERY SINGLE ONE of these people who had made these utterly ridiculous predictions, and make them publicly recant these on live television.  Failing to do so will result in three things:

1) They're sacked from their jobs.

2) All income received since the start of this "crisis" will be taken away from them (or they are made to pay it back).

3) Every penny of their pensions is removed from them!


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