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Thursday 12 August 2021

They're all at it! Even the Churches are Woketards!

Is it any wonder why that so many churches nowadays stand for literally nothing, and then expect people to be sat on their pews; with the result being that people simply have no desire to attend these "religious" services?  

If you look at some of the graphs in the above link, it's easy to tell that in a few years no one will be going to church.  In addition, as an interesting side note the only churches that are growing tend to be the non-woke "New Churches" (usually, heavily Evangelical), Pentecostal and Orthodox ones.

Attendances are shocking now, but to be perfectly honest they deserve to be.  I don't think I go to a church to be lectured by some leftist, woke, holier-than-thou twat; I go to hear about the grace of God, and how I am a fallen sinner but with grace will become the person Christ wishes me to be.

Take a look at this book of the week please. 

I'd say that it has little if anything to do with what I think a church should be, and hence the people like Robinson-Brown (I just LOVE all the double barrel surnames amongst certain BMEs nowadays - more on this later) are utterly meaningless to me and my beliefs.  

In it, he attempts to be profound, with the simply ridiculous paraphrasing in the description, about people "like him":

who directly suffer from the perpetual ecclesial terrorism of the Christian community through its speech and its silence.

You can't make this stuff up!  I thought I'd heard of him, and naturally was correct.

This newly converted Methodist, to the Anglican Communion, is also the piece of shit, who condemned the clapping for Captain Sir Tom Moore in the last year.  And as with all racist, bigots, Brown doesn't think he's one, as I quote:

He is committed to a Church which truly includes all of God’s people, offers embrace and welcome to everyone without reserve,



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