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Monday 23 August 2021

The Week Ahead - Can it get any Worse?


It's all one way and it ain't going to get any better . . . but wait, the Australians are demonstrating, a new poll says Trump would win (Good God; I would hope that after the first six months of this train wreck, that a trained ape would defeat Demented Joe), and it seems like the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project, where those just so "Green" European nations will start to have even MORE natural gas to use, is almost finished.  Hoorah!

For this week, we will continue to look at various things;

* Including our Freak of the Fortnight; (who should it be, Saint Jacinta or Matt Damon - his new movie is outrageous as apparently he thinks he's an oil rig worker in Oklahoma!); 

* More cultural commentary on how certain people "feel" that they are better than others, and

* A look at other bloggers, who I love, but who I try to differentiate myself from

Of course, there will be the usual look at wokeness, and things political.


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