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Saturday 9 October 2021

A random check on various websites - Local governments are awful also!

Many times, I feel that we only look at the dreadful, national governments that we have around the world, but I really lose it at times, when I inspect certain local governments and their shocking lunacy; look at this one that concerns the simply awful Reading Council.

Not only have they recently (2014) moved from the offices above into new offices, complete with some lovely rooms, although they insist this will save money in the long run, but please go here, to see that it has now taken them two years, to do their accounts from several years ago!

Why aren't these people who do this EVER taken to task for this utter incompetence!?  Why?  If this was a private company, and this does happen at times, they would likely face a rather large fine - In fact, this happened to me a few years ago for an incorporated company that had; I was fined £750 to be exact, in what amounted to about 25% of the company's total revenue.

I hold my breath for this to happen in Berkshire.


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