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Monday 18 October 2021

Week Ahead - More BS, more Wokism from Adidas (comparing Germany with Nigeria), & some Philosophy. . .


This week will see us again trying to make sense of an insane establishment's world, but with a long overdue look at certain things I've seen the last year; 

1) How the BME explosion in the Media, leads to some simply ridiculous conclusions.

2) Macron loves Nuclear Power now; why do leaders always follow and the fear of failure.

But for our "wokeness" of the week, it's interesting to be on the Adidas email listing, and to see all the, presumably, "German" models:

Check this gallery out!:

That's right, look at the honky on the bottom right, outnumbered again. Ha!

Interesting, a look at a new Adidas shop in Nigeria, and there appears to be an absence of any pale looking models.  Correct!  It's a black, African country, so the models are black.   Seems to make perfect sense to me.

They know who they are, and are quite proud of it.  They are not PC and "feel" that they have to be "inclusive".  

What is it with the globalists and establishment, that they feel they can not be like this?


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