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Saturday 23 October 2021

The housing market - Blame the Investors - Part 1

Please try to go to this link; which states clearly that a bigger, and bigger percentage of houses are NOT being bought by normal people, but buy investment funds, etc - in the American market, and I no doubt think that the situation is probably very similar in the UK, though I will have to track this down.

This leads me to several comments and points:

1) I have never really known just WHO could be buying all of the houses, whilst at the same time, having record house prices and the little man simply not earning enough to buy them.

2) Is this really unsustainable if a larger and larger majority of these buyers are NOT the little man, but investment funds; who have the ability to take any losses (if the prices do finally go down), as tax write-offs?

3) Will house prices EVER go down (both in real and money terms)?  

4) Are houses now becoming a Luxury Good?

I can only say, that if I have questions like the above, I would hope, HOPE, that the powers that be notably, Rishi Sunak (UK Finance Minister), should surely know these questions and hopefully have some answers for them.


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