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Friday 8 October 2021

The BBC - Sea Otters to Combat Climate Change! I kid you not . . .


Two links that simply say it all:

From the BBC.COM; I only went into this page as I actually use a vpn, and it shoots me direct to the *.com version of the Beeb - and I thought the * site was insane!:

And more racist hillwalkers on BBC Scotland:

I don't really come to this site,, anymore, as there is really nothing that I hate more than the BBC, and that there is nothing we can do about the Beeb, until our wonderful British TV Licence fee disappears.  

Equally, I don't really use the MSM as well - it's worse than propaganda.  The propagandist knew they were lying, and there was always a certain charm about them, whereas the "intelligentsia" actually believe in the utter lies that they put out.

But this comes to my challenge; try to NOT use ANY of the MSM for 1 month, and then look at them, after that one month finishes; it's as if they live on a different planet than us.  

I did this recently with the rag of a "news" site;, as I have to go there at time to use an old email address.  The crap that they write is simply unbelievable!  In my case, I noticed that out of the first 13 articles, 6, SIX! were still about Donald Trump?



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