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Thursday 7 October 2021

Glasgow is so socialist and inept. . . Part 10,045

Have a gander (slang for look, etc) here.

That's right, that's from two years ago, and STILL they have not started this - though naturally, they will use the "Corona" as an excuse - don't believe them, they are utterly incompetent.

This photo is along Byres Road, and the bollards there with water, have been here for some time, perhaps the last year or so.  Equally, I have no idea both why they are there, and for how long they're to be there.

Who knows, perhaps this is the start or even end(!) of the project, you simply do NOT know with Glasgow Council.

Finally, when the area becomes busy, and there are disabled people attempting to use this area (I personally witnessed 2 people on canes), they end up finding it quite hard to move to the right, as people heading their way would not leave the main pavement - utterly disgraceful!


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