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Monday 25 October 2021

The Week Ahead, had to use the NHS last week - It functioned well! / Racist Job Adverts


Another week, and more complete madness.

I did not blog too much, as I was actually in hospital and have to say was impressed, partly, with my surgery and recovery.  Although part of the experience was of the 3rd World!  But I digress.

This week, we will have more utter lunacy and a continuation of my critique of the Housing Market and what I would do to stop it being of so much importance / influence to our UK economy.

But first, more ridiculous and blatant racist job adverts, check this one out!

That right, as it says in their disgusting advert; "Our team of 27 staff members – almost all of us Black and PoC young people ourselves" - That's correct, there's 27 of these filthy parasites preaching their blatant racist attitudes to the indoctrinated youth that they have in their remit.  The mind boggles, but what's even more nauseating, is they actually claim to be "anti-racist" - Fuck them!


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