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Tuesday 12 October 2021

The week ahead . . . things are dreadful and now, the winter comes!


This week, more dreadfulness (Ed; Is that a word??), and thoughts on policy, culture and some philosophy, along with the odd bit of wokery that is in abundance, but first, a good ole fashion point - crime.

Please go to this link, about the blonde tart who got away with lying and drunk driving, with her 4 kids in tow!

This is making the rounds in the UK the last few days, but what is even more shocking (Ed; Because you are just so GOOD at your interpretation of things!), is that if you tally up the number of Hearts and Thumbs Up for this article in The Telegraph, it approaches 30-40% of the public.

Meaning?  A ton of of the great unwashed actually think that this is a good thing!  A blond POS, with her 4 kids in her car, driving drunk and causing an accident, with another car containing a pregnant female.

I can only hope (or not hope,  but wish!), that every single one of these cock&uckers have to deal with a drunk driver in their future!  

Mind boggling!

Recht (still angry)

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