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Sunday 3 October 2021

Woke Woche - "Glasgow Live"

At one time, since I do indeed live in Glasgow, Scotland; the ONLY decent, current affairs website was the aforementioned "Glasgow Live", whose link is here:

They were fairly apolitical, had timely and "trendy" coverage of both the music, property, crime, etc, scene in the Glasgow area - and were utterly superior to the Evening Times (Glasgow's rag of a daily paper).  A quick look at this "news" source, directed me to their incredibly woke, university area called the West End, and had this on their Facebook page (says it all really) - These freaks are effing incessant, aren't they?

But now, even Glasgow Live has changed.  And whilst I do know why, what is the effing point of this entire woke shite!  Particularly in a city, that has virtually no people of Afro / Caribbean origin!  I do not know the exact number, but I am simply not going to waste my time doing it - I'm just so enraged!  This is effing crap!

As you can tell, they openly state that "Black History is Our History", but considering that this Black History in Glasgow, is utterly non-existent, could anyone please tell me what part of this non-existent "history" is "Our History"?

And if so, there are PLENTY more histories that are not only "Our History", but should then be, logically, celebrated!  

Alas, you and I both know that this will simply never happen.  



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