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Monday 12 July 2021

The week ahead / About last night . . . what a mess in the Euros


This week, will start to look at this thing called "English Culture", and will start off by looking at last night's disastrous (in more ways than one) show in the finals of Euro 2020 (European Football Championships).

Along with that, will continue to comment on all things "woke", look at the new ruling class, the Media and other things. 

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That we are the last truly British people you'll ever know - Morrissey (from 'We'll Let You Know')

The Euros:

You would have had to have been living under a rock in Europe or the UK, to not have realised that the final was taking place this week, in London as well. 

Firstly, England played all their games except one, the quarterfinal defeat of Ukraine (that power house of European sports!); it was staged in Rome.  This was interesting to say the least, as other teams, most notably the Welsh, who incidentally made the semi-finals in 2016, were treated like shit and had to travel an enormous amount in comparison.   Though this is not really the purpose of this blog, it is just interesting to note how the smaller countries are treated, in comparison with the larger ones.

Again, while not a part of this blog, it's again interesting to note, that there were many "conspiracy" theories in the Italian press, as to how easy England had it, and how easy their draw was in playing both the Ukrainians and then the Danes, in order to make the final, while they themselves (Italy), had to play Spain in their semi-final - Night in day!

The point here is not to denigrate the achievements of the English eleven, but to cut through the haze of the adoration of the British MSM the last month - who had their usual, PC, slobbering take on their beloved national side, as the expense of both the Scottish and Welsh teams.

The commentating by both the BBC and ITV was nauseating, during the championship and after the final - they simply NEVER admitted that Sterling dived in order to get the penalty, that ended up defeating the Danes - though you could tell, by their sheepish behaviour, that it simply wasn't right.  At last some honesty.

My own opinion, I'm glad they lost!  From the BLM supporting dicks on the team, to the "outrage" over a few dozen moronic, bigots, attacking the 3 black players who missed their penalties, whilst at the same time, ignoring the fighting and horrific behaviour by a sizeable portion of their support.


I myself just KNEW, that the extra time applied to the Italy match would result in penalties, and that the English would lose.  I knew it would happen, as if they had a script, that they were begging to follow.  A cliché, a role - that had to be conformed to (as the Morrissey song alludes to).

Equally, I knew that the behaviour of a sizeable portion of the English fans would be both appalling and comical - there has ALWAYS been a bit of both, almost knowing that the powers that be would be expecting such.  They (and I) were not disappointed. 

From the lunatic, with a stick of TNT up his arse:

To some nutter, dancing in a rather un-camp manner, resplendent with his George's Cross flag as accompaniment - on top of some motor:

To the ticketless fans invading Wembley and causing havoc

To the scummy pieces of shit, who attacked the Italian fans in Wembley - it was magnificent and SO . . . English. 

England, a country that can simply, never be conquered.


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