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Thursday 22 July 2021

It only EVER works one way - Oliver Bonas

I was recently in our dreadful branch of Oliver Bonas here in Glasgow.  If you have not ever had the need to go into one of these - please don't.  They are the epitome of the PC retail outlet, for the middle-class, woke, 25+, female, who is stridently leftist, and genuflects on a daily basis to the Guardian.

What I loved about these group of effing hypocrites, was the woke, pro-female garbage aligning their shelfs - we're all equal!  We all love one another!  Everyone ELSE is a hater. BUT, they then have virulent, anti-male literature right next to it.

Fuck 'em!  What hypocritical POSs, and the irony of what they represent is simply lost on their pitiful IQs.  

As  usual, it only works one way.  Pathetic.


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