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Monday 26 July 2021

Week Ahead - Various / West of Scotland - Hellhole


For the coming week, will continue to look at the various pieces of awfulness in the world; woke Nazis, inept leftist governments, wacko websites, and various pieces of commentary.

But to begin, we look at the total and complete ineptness of governmental functions in the West of Scotland where we reside.  Check out these articles about the undisciplined, socialist hoards that we have below.

I could easily solve this remnant behaviour of the 60s, where our entire society collapsed on a wave of irresponsibility (though the music rocked!), by having 5 minute trials and public whippings.

And naturally, this would all be outsourced (bless my Libertarian socks!) to YouTube, where for a fiver a shot (£5) or for £25 annually, all the righteous could watch these pieces of shit who are responsible for the parties & violencelitter, and fires; be whipped and flogged.

Who wouldn't enjoy it!


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