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Tuesday 20 July 2021

The Week Ahead - So much to write about . . .


We finally have "Freedom Day", 19 July, here in the UK and even in Scotland (even with a fascist government), though how long this is to remain is another question?

You know as well as I, that they are itching to bring the lockdown back; the scum in the MSM have invested in this heavily the last few weeks.  In particular, there is a new "reporter" POS for the Beeb who simply thinks the world of himself, and criticizes literally EVERYTHING that the "conservative" government tries - his name escapes me, but in the future we will be starting a new column here, about individual members of the media, whom I detest!

Please remember that this piece of garbage, along with the other MSM are the ones who said that it would be a disaster to ever leave Europe, and subsequently will not even say a single word about the success of the UK's vaccination program, which I believe was the best for ANY civilised country on Earth, but I digress. 

This week, will include more comments on the "crisis", look at the wayward Economist magazine, and look at certain pieces of economics, including the upcoming Olympics in Japan - that'll be something!


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