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Tuesday 13 July 2021

Spanish wackos! Intersectionality in the 15th Century!

You heard that right, check this out:

This is not only insane, and crazy, but it also shows that this lot are utterly & completely psychotic in their thinking. 

But let us say "Oh, what a good idea"?  What is that "good idea" about this and what does it actually do for us in these modern times?  Nothing!

But the largest point, is that this merely proves that we have ALWAYS been not only diverse, but also have had a variety of sexualities.   Which goes completely against their thinking that we are all just a group of bigots, and were even worse in the past.

When I was young, I remember a character, and he was(!), called Liberace.  His behaviour was OTT, and wonderful!  But also, nobody gave a shit about his sexuality - and that was some 40 years ago!  

This only shows up these lunatic, fascists, to be completely out of touch with not only how people behave and what they believe today, but also, what they believed / behaved years ago.

They can screw themselves.


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