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Wednesday 7 July 2021

Week Ahead - Various


The week ahead will see us continue on many themes such as wokeness, economics and culture. 

But first, the UK (at least England to start), will end their lockdown on 19th July.

We can only say that it's about time, but what is REALLY going on here?  Just what do they REALLY want?  The globalists, fascists, radical left?  Several things are obvious:

1) This hole thing was farcical, they were itching to close us down and at the same time, to have a majority of people favour it!  That's correct, all polls in the UK since this thing has started have indicated a majority favouring a hard lock down.

2) They now have a template and a precedent, they can now do this again in the future, for WHATEVER reason they can think of.  While this may not be of the hard variety, a "soft" type, due to Climate Change is now on the cards - And the sheeple will believe them.

BELIEVE ME on this.


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