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Saturday 10 July 2021

Charities - Part 3 - My solutions for this Racket


As you know, I've stated before, that I have never knowingly appealed to a charity for them to give me "something", so that I can then enjoy something free; be it food, clothes, money, etc, - Not Once!

And believe me, we've had some rather poor times in our life.

But you'd ask, what can be done about this?  I'd say several things:

1) Have a limit to their often, exorbitant salaries. One way of doing this, would be to simply force them to have a similar structure and remuneration policy that is the same (or very similar) to the limit on salaries in the government sector.  If they will not agree to this; take away their charitable status.

2) Have a commission, to go through EVERY single Charity, and see if they ARE actually a charity.  If not, they lose their charitable status.

3) Finally, bring all of the governance and structures of these charities, to be performed by the central, UK government.  Once again, they can opt out of this, as I feel ANY organisation can do - but once again, if they choose this avenue, they lose their charitable status. 


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