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Friday 2 July 2021

The BBC - Why we simply detest you!

Please find this link below, and for those not from the UK, please try to use a vpn so that you can go into it.  But if not, see the photos below. This concerns the by-election last night in the Batley and Spen constituency, where Labour's Kim Leadbeater won, with a majority of only 323 votes (from a total of 37,786 votes cast!).

The first one;

Is a downright embarrassing shot of Leadbetter, getting jiggy with it, with Labour's Clown in Chief, SIR Keir Starmer (Yes, Keir is his actual name!!!!)

The second:

Is the political "opinion" (radically leftist and deranged!), by Iain Watson, the Beeb's go-to lunatic on all things politics.

If you see, it's in the 4th line, where the Beeb FINALLY admits, that Labour lost 3% of their vote to the Tories, and that if this is replicated across the country (please remember that this is a Labour stronghold), there will be another 11 Member of Parliament swing to the Conservatives.

Correct!  In the previous TWENTY LINES, the filth at the BBC refused to print this basic fact.  It's downright propaganda, and it goes against the grain what any real news service will do / ask - what's the swing?

I.e., Labour are in trouble, big time.


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