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Saturday 31 July 2021

New Series - Wacko Websites - National Geographic!

Go here please, just to see how the once mighty have fallen.

Years ago they were the go to place for geography (which is just so passe' nowadays, isn't it?), anthropology, geology, et al; and I simply adored their folded maps inside every other issue.  Sensational.

Nowadays, they are a disgusting group of woke Nazis, pandering to a base that no doubt, does not exist and will most certainly affect them detrimentally (Ed; What a word!) in the future - good effing riddance.

It was only a year or so ago, where I finally decided to cancel my membership for good, and hope that every one of these m-effers will soon be on the dole, looking for jobs that they could actually do correctly (probably none!). 

This is from their most recent web page as of today, but a casual glance at this rag earlier today in my nearest supermarket, so that the cover referred to the "racism" of people, who happen to live in middle-class areas, where there are trees!  

I did not make that up.  Trees are racist, as the lower classes (who in their opinion are ALWAYS too poor to afford houses where there are trees), who are non-white, will have to contend with global warming without the benefit of trees, to cool down their respective abodes!  Hello something called "air conditioning" - or am I wrong here?

This is simply deluded!  Think of that and not only how it's demented, but just how so condescending it is! 

Couldn't these poor old working class people buy something called "trees" themselves and then actually "plant" them in their neighbourhoods?



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